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​​​​​Modern lighting & shading control is so much more than turning lights on & off.  With a single button press, you can create the perfect ambience throughout your entire home and outdoor spaces, for any event or evening routine! 

Entertaining tonight?  With a single press of a button, all lights will be set to predetermined levels to create the perfect atmosphere for a dinner party!

Before you go to bed at night, instead of walking around your entire home to turn lights off, simply press the "good-night" button and relax as you know all window shades are closing and all lights are being set to night time levels, indoor and out!

Automated routines can be set to turn on/off or dim lights and close/open window shades based on a multitude of variables, such as:  time of day, sunrise/sunset, vacation modes, proximity of your smartphone to your home, alarm system events, garage doors opening, and so much more!

The right lighting & shading control system simplifies daily & nightly routines, while also providing visual comfort, privacy, enhanced security, energy savings and peace of mind.


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